Biomechanics insight, anywhere, any time.

PitchAI brings biomechanical analysis to your smart phone - easy to use, inexpensive and no need for a lab, sensors, or advanced degrees in math.



PitchAI is a mobile application and web based portal for baseball players, coaches, scouts, teams and organisations.

  • By using any smartphone or high speed video of your pitching mechanics, PitchAI produces reliable, accurate and actionable insights into human movement (biomechanics)
  • Capture pitching mechanics in games, bullpen, or in the gym
  • Identify key motion variables associated with increased stress, decreased efficiency, or fatigue
  • Game-changing technology helping players, coaches and teams achieve their desired outcomes.

PitchAI for Coaches

Having a GROWTH MINDSET is instrumental to having success on the field. Adding PitchAi to your coaching tool box provides the coach with reliable data into an athletes performance and progress, with immediate feedback on what is or is not working for an athlete. Requiring a WIFI connection and a smart phone, PitchAI is inexpensive, subscription based, providing quantitative analysis in minutes where ever you may be.


Why PitchAI for coaches?

  • Coaches can assess athletes from anywhere, any time. Record video directly on your smart device or upload an athletes video for analysis.  
  • The PitchAi app and web portal is a low-cost, lab accurate, marker less system. 
  • Hand held using your Smartphone and without the need for sensors, calibration, or high-priced cameras.
  • Objective, reliable data on pitching mechanics, taking you from a qualitative approach to a quantitative one.
  • Track how well your drills and programs are working, quantify the progress of your players.
  • Share the data with athletes, other coaches, teams, scouts, social media and organisations.

PitchAI for Athletes

Pitchers use PitchAI to get insights into their mechanics. The objective data provided, along with the ability to compare against other player’s data; helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in mechanics and allows the athlete to track progress.

Benefits for Athletes

  • Video in the bullpen or anywhere else and get a complete analysis in minutes.
  • Compare your mechanics against other athletes.
  • Share your biomechanics data with coaches, scouts, teams, and social media.
  • Track your progress over time; easily identifying areas of change and progression
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